Gorges of the Dala

, by Michel Possoz

The hot springs gateway runs directly through the impressive gorges of the Dala river, which provides interesting information about the thermal water, and is produced by the brotherhood of the thermal springs of Leukerbad. It is about 600 meters long and overlooks the river bed by about 4 meters. Here the energy of the water is almost palpable.

On the rocky walls of the gorges, traces of brown rust indicate the presence of iron in the thermal water which flows from the cracks in the rocks of the Dala gorges. It takes 40 years to spa water to reach the surface of the earth at this place.

A 21m long suspension bridge provides access to the 35m high waterfall. We then take 2 stairs to reach upstream the gorges of the Dala. There, the walkway joins the existing hiking trail network and brings the walkers back to the village. It takes around 75 minutes to walk. For the curious, a hike guided by the gate of the thermal springs takes place every Tuesday during the summer season.