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  • Gorges of the Dala

    , by Michel Possoz

    The hot springs gateway runs directly through the impressive gorges of the Dala river, which provides interesting information about the thermal water, and is produced by the brotherhood of the thermal springs of Leukerbad. It is about 600 meters long and overlooks the river bed by about 4 (...)

  • The Mysterious Gorge Trail

    , by Michel Possoz

    From Tête-Noire (1204 m), the path leads to the Mysterious Gorge (25 min), takes the tourist to Finhaut (1 h 30), Trouleyro (45 min) or allows the return to the starting point (1 h) . Long 1080 m to the bridge over the Eau-Noire (943 m) or the bridge over the Trient, the road crosses ancient (...)

  • Bisse du Trient

    , by Michel Possoz

    The hiking trail along the "Bisse du Trient" is an easy route, but with nice views of the Trient glacier. Although there is no difficulty in the path, some parts of the route are on a cliff face, so it is important to give children a hand.
    Some educational panels mark the route, bringing (...)

  • STIB Map

    , par Michel Possoz

    <carte_gis_stib|objets=point_libre|lat=50.87677476598027|lon=4.398791939020158|zoom=14|titre=#NAME|description=#ID|geojson=28|overview = oui|icone=mon_image.png>

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